Sporty Young Nudists

Cap d'Agde – Our SYN summer paradise 

3rd - 11th August 2024


Due to high demand we have moved this year's group holiday to the South of France. We will stay at the world's largest naturist facility, Cap d'Agde, from Saturday 3 August 2024 to Sunday 11 August 2024.

Cap d'Agde is a district of the French city of Agde on the Mediterranean coast of the Golfe du Lion, about halfway between the mouth of the Rhône and the Spanish border and between the cities of Montpellier and Narbonne.


Here are a few quick facts:

- Approx. 4x4 km nudist area "Village Naturiste" is located directly on the Mediterranean Sea
- The nudist city offers everything the heart desires, from bars, restaurants, clubs, shops, hairdressers, post office, bank to supermarkets.
- Extensive nudist beach sections with chilled bars and summery beats from the speakers
- Many accommodation options for all tastes and budgets, from luxury hotels to apartments and campsites, which offer different types of bungalows in addition to normal pitches.
- In the high season there are about 55,000 people there, all naked 😉
- There are a lot of young people there, so the atmosphere is quite relaxed
- Different beach sections



Naturist Centre (Naturist Village)
The "Village Naturiste" is a naturist village on the outskirts of Cap d'Agde. On the very large naturist site there are hotels, apartments and the campsite "René Oltra" where we will be for this year's summer holiday. In addition, there are many shopping facilities, restaurants, bars, ATMs, a marina and, of course, party and nightlife facilities. Directly adjacent to the nudist town is the beautiful long sandy beach.
The large naturist campsite "René Oltra", which can accommodate about 15,000 people, offers its own shopping and entertainment facilities, as well as restaurants and bars, and drinks and snacks can also be bought on the beach.

 Shopping facilities

In addition to the supermarkets in the nudist town and on the campsite, there are large shopping centres about 10 minutes away by car. These can be a good opportunity for an inexpensive weekly shop.




1. Camping pitch for tent or motorhome at the René Oltra campsite
If you are interested in our group accommodation at the campsite, we recommend reading on.



2. Bungalows / Chalets / Mobile homes at the René Oltra campsite
If you are interested in the accommodation option, we recommend that you book as soon as possible, as experience has shown that these are booked up quickly.



3. Holiday flats / apartments in the Village Naturiste
(z.B. Heliopolis, Helio Village, Port Ambonne, Port Nature, etc.)
Google certainly helps



4. Hotels in Village Naturiste
Hotel *** Eve:
Hotel **** Oz-Inn:



The experience of previous group holidays in the naturist city has shown that the social gathering of our group mainly takes place on the extremely large and beautiful campsite. Access from the Village Naturiste to the René Oltra campsite is by means of an access bracelet for the residents of the camp site, and those who are staying outside it must register as a day guest at the campsite and pay a small visitor fee. However, as all guests must be accompanied by a resident of the campsite, in order to keep things simple, it is recommended that everyone stays at the René Oltra campsite!


 Information about our shared accommodation

We have booked five camping plots next to each other in a central location (with a good mix of shade and sun) for 20 people. Each camping pitch can accommodate up to four people, and there are currently 16 places available.
To avoid any misunderstanding, although the third and fourth person on each plot is slightly cheaper than the first and second persons, the price charged is the same for everyone. The small surplus (from the third and fourth people) will be used to rent fridge for each plot. This will avoid complex calculations and ensures that everyone pays the same. The price per person on one of our pre-booked pitches from Saturday 3rd August to Sunday 11th August 2024 is €220.

If you are interested in one of the places, please contact us, Daniela, Frank or Pascal.

Equipment and catering on the communal pitch
On the campsite you can cook or grill with a gas cooker/gas grill you have brought with you. Since we cannot bring sufficient kitchen equipment for everyone, everyone is asked to bring their own cutlery and crockery.
A power connection is available on each pitch and electricity is supplied through an adapter plug to be brought along. Each plot has a water connection.


What do I need to take with me?
The facilities at the Village Naturiste is very good, so if you have forgotten something you can probably buy it there. However, we recommend that you bring a tent, air mattress/sleeping mat, sleeping bag and pillow. If your towels get dirty, it is the possible to wash your clothes at the campsite.  In addition to a plate, kitchen knife, cutlery, cup/mug, it is advisable to take a torch and a pocket knife. It can also get a little colder in the evening so it is advisable to bring a hoodie or sweater with them. Since we are mostly naked – unless we take an excursion outside the nudist facility – at least you won’t have to bring many clothes in your luggage!



How to get to Cap d'Agde
Cap d'Agde is located about 30 km from Béziers and about 70 km from Montpellier.
As with all SYN events, each participant must organise their own travel but we are happy to help you with the formation of carpools.


Here is some information about how to get there:


1. Arrival by plane:
The airport in Béziers (BZR) is served by various budget airlines such as Ryanair. When researching, you can easily find the exact flight connections from your respective country of arrival, such as "Bristol" for England or "Düsseldorf Weeze" for Germany.
If you can't find a direct connection from your departure airport to Béziers, we recommend looking for a connection to Montpellier (MPL). From Montpellier, you can easily take the train to Béziers and from there take the cheap city bus to Cap d'Agde ("Village Naturiste").



2. Arrival by train:
Agde train station is easily accessible from international train stations. From the train station in Agde you can easily take the regular bus to Cap d'Agde ("Village Naturiste").


3. Arrival by car:

Getting there by car is easy. The motorways in France are very good but are subject to tolls. (Payment: EUR/credit card, VISA/MasterCard)

If you arrive by car and want to park on the group plot, please let us know in advance as space is limited.

As usual with our summer holidays, we will organize some half or full-day excursions. The region has many beautiful towns and historical sites as well as other beaches (e.g. l'Espiguette). The following cities in the south of France are within easy reach: Montpellier, Narbonne, Nîmes, Beziers, Pézenas and the historically beautiful Carcassonne. In addition, you can also book Segway tours on site, rent bicycles, jet skis, boats, etc. A previous group excursion even resulted in an exciting yacht trip!
Here is some more information about the region:




Usually we will return to the campsite around 8 pm. Then we take a shower and prepare dinner (per plot or together). If you feel like going to a restaurant, you will certainly meet a few like-minded people in the group. As I said, everything is very short-term and informal, just as everyone feels.
After dinner, we usually wander through the various bars, end the day with a naked drink on the beach or stay on the camping pitch. The outdoor bars are open until 2 a.m. and after that, the night clubs open, where you can party until 5 a.m..


We are looking forward to a super nice and chill sleeveless holiday with you again
Daniela, Frank and Pascal